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Seasons of Skyrend

Dec 30, 2021

Bk. 04 Ch. 26

It would seem that our time in Caravel is drawing to a close. Except, of course, for the unexpected reappearance of Darvin's ebony kangaroo: Pouch-It. Finding more of Ikiri within, it also seems to be growing more intelligent. Darvin must decide how to handle this situation before any final arrangements...

Dec 23, 2021

Outtakes 021

As a holiday treat, we're giving everyone a taste of our outtakes! These chapters are typically only available to our Patreon Patrons, but 'tis the season!

Just like our other outtakes, this audio is content that was cut from previously released chapters. These outtakes come from the beginning of Book III,...

Dec 16, 2021

Bk. 04 Ch. 25

With Lynn Jarvis captured and Orizaba the Wise ruling Caravel, the party had hoped their worries were behind them. However, shortly after leaving The Contract House they overhear a pair of guards demanding tithes to the new ruler of the city: The God of Rebellion. No matter how this started, it has to be...

Dec 9, 2021

Bk. 04 Ch. 24

Deep in The Contract House, the party formally meets Orizaba the Wise. She has taken on an extravagant humanoid form so that she may pass the time playing  an antique piano. Though she is no longer in her massive dragon form, she still carries herself with all the confidence of her true self. Sloan sits...

Dec 2, 2021

Bk. 04 Ch. 23

Finally, after fighting their way through guards, traps, and anti-magic, the party comes face to face with Lynn Jarvis. The real Lynn Jarvis. From within his cage, he controls the city of Caravel. The wealth of the city lies behind him, and the forces of The Bard's Rebellion stand before him. Still, he...