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Seasons of Skyrend

May 16, 2019

Even with the bulb extinguished and the magical blanket created, the party isn't out of the woods yet.  The eldest grung have passed unexpectedly, arousing suspicions.  There's more to be done if this village is to be saved.




May 9, 2019

With Brumble's Mantle charged, it's time to see if the party can put it to use.  Well...most of the party.  When duties conflict, a choice must be made.  And when the cost of success (or failure) is unknown, it requires bravery.


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May 2, 2019

No matter what happens in the birthing pools, Darvin will need to make a hard choice once he returns to the village.  Dusty, along with Alana and Jerso, have strict orders to deliver Koram's peace to the grung of The Frost Swamps.  With his friends on one side and his god on the other, Darvin must find the right...

Apr 25, 2019

Arannis, Veil, and a reluctant Darvin venture into the aging grung temple that houses their birthing pools.  Somewhere below, a magical bulb is slowly bringing a fatal condition to the grung of The Frost Swamps.  With the aid of Brumble's Mantle, they hope to drain the bulb of its magical power.  It's a simple plan, but...

Apr 18, 2019

Entering into The Frost Swamps, the party is quickly confronted by a squad of adolescent grung.  They are tasked with protecting the village while the older generations do their best to fight their malignant condition and try to lead productive lives.  Arannis and Veil know that they need to find some solution if they...